Argyle Pink Diamonds 101

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Argyle Pink Diamonds 101 

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There’s a common saying that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Yet, if you love white diamonds, then the vivid pink of the Argyle pink diamonds of Australia will have you in awe. The high-quality gem is mined in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, and the rarity of this stone leaves it incredibly desired. Here’s all you need to know about argyle pink diamonds and why you absolutely need some in your jewellery collection.

All about Argyle Pink Diamonds

Argyle pink diamonds are named as such because they are mined from the world’s largest diamond mine, Argyle, which lies about 2,600 km northeast of Perth in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. 

Furthermore, the Argyle mine which produces Argyle pink diamonds will close in 2020 after finally exhausting its supply. This means that the argyle pink diamond, which was already rare, will now become even rarer. What exists on the market at the time of Argyle’s closure will be the only true argyle pink diamonds available.

Color Grading  

Argyle Pink Diamond Color Chart

There are three important factors to understanding the colour of pink diamonds: hue, tone and saturation. 

Hue is the dominant colour of the diamond; tone is the amount of light or darkness in the diamond; and saturation is the strength of hue. The more intense the colour, the rarer and more valuable the diamond. 

For fancy coloured diamonds, the 'C' for colour typically outweighs the other three 'Cs' of clarity, cut and carat weight when it comes to grading and value, particularly in the case of Argyle pink diamonds, whose value increases along with the intensity of colour.

The presence of colour in pink diamonds remains a mystery, but it is certain that it is not derived from a predominant trace element or impurity. In the case of Argyle pink diamonds, it is thought that extraordinary pressure more than 160 kilometres below ground raised the diamonds to the surface and it has been established that the twist in the crystal lattice is present in all pink diamonds, refracting light and producing colour. Levels of nitrogen appear to also be important, with lower levels favouring pink colours.

Fancy red is the most coveted colour and only a handful ever see the light of day. Less than 3% of all tender diamonds have received a Red GIA classification.

While clarity and carat weight ordinarily impact on the value of white diamonds, these characteristics are less of a consideration in the value determination of Argyle pink diamonds, with the focus instead being on colour and cut.

Why should I buy argyle pink diamonds?

If you’re looking at purchasing argyle pink diamonds, now is the time. As Argyle mine hasn’t closed yet, these diamonds haven’t yet peaked in their rarity. Purchasing now will secure your investment’s value for years to come. Here are all the benefits of investing in pink diamonds.

Fancy Color Diamond Index

  1. Pink diamonds retain their worth and value
  2. Pink diamonds have exceptional insurance against inflation
  3. Pink diamonds have internationally recognized value
  4. Pink diamonds are easily portable with zero maintenance costs
  5. Pink diamonds do not require any taxation (i.e. property tax)
  6. Pink diamonds will only continue to appreciate due to the closure of Argyle

Aside from all the financial benefits of investing in argyle pink diamonds, there are also several benefits for purchasing them for the people you love. In fact, its rare colour is just the beginning. The gem has a unique geological story as it comes from just one location in the world. Each diamond reflects a great deal of craftsmanship by artisans in order to become the piece of jewellery that you select for your loved one. By selecting an Argyle pink diamond, you’re telling someone how captivating and special they are to you with a precious gift. 

Final thoughts

Each year, the mine produces a handful of gems ranging from blush to a more vivid red. A diamond is a rare and collectible item that can be held in a family for generations. Their shade means that argyle pink diamonds will often be chosen for engagement rings as it represents romance and love. Other strong character traits attributed to this shade include strong emotion and passion. The exquisite gem is the perfect way to show someone their value to you. 

Charm your sweetheart with an incredible Argyle pink diamond – a rare stone that’s only becoming rarer! Make an appointment with us at Ciel Jewels to learn more and to browse selections of Argyle pink diamonds.

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