Aurora Madama オーロラ真多麻  Pearl Earrings
Aurora Madama オーロラ真多麻  Pearl Earrings
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Aurora Madama オーロラ真多麻 Pearl Earrings

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These rare and precious pearls comes with a pearl certificate. The color of Madama looks like natural blue. According to the Man'yōshū, the Japanese Literature, Madama means the blue pearl from the sea without any artificial process. These bluish grey tones are completely natural. Only the best quality of Madama can be graded as Aurora Madama. Due to the uniqueness and scarcity of Madama, the Aurora Madama is very sought after these days. 

The earrings are made-to-order. Please allow for 2-4 Week lead time plus shipping.

Pearl Size: 8.6mm

Brightness: Very Strong (Best Lustre)

Body Color: Blue

Material: 950 Platinum Backings