Introducing AbHerï, a distinguished jewelry brand hailing from Tokyo. The brand name, "AbHerï," combines the Latin words "ab" (from) and "heri" (yesterday), embodying the essence of "preserving the past, embracing new challenges, and forging ahead into the future."

Guided by the philosophy of "redefining the familiar and creating the novel with a familiar touch," AbHerï encapsulates a unique equilibrium. Whether worn or at rest, in daylight or night, the designs aim to present exquisite jewelry with a graceful and captivating allure from every perspective. It seamlessly blend traditional jewelry craftsmanship, evoking elegance and delicacy, with modern techniques that inspire fresh artistic expressions.

The brand incorporates expert artisanal techniques like milgrain, stone setting, and carving. This equilibrium-focused approach extends to the technical mastery showcased in AbHerï's craftsmanship.